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Zero Waste at Schools (ZWAS) Project

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Project Duration

2017 - ongoing

Project Goal/ Objective

To promote and implement sustainable waste management practices in schools, extend this knowledge to homes and the broader community, and increase overall sustainable practices related to climate action.

Project Outcome/Output

Targeted Beneficiaries

Primary beneficiaries: Students, Teachers, Non-teaching staff
Secondary beneficiaries: Parents, Family, and Community members

Geographical Location

Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bharatpur, Kaski, Syangja

Project Description

ZWAS aims to enhance the knowledge and involvement of students, teachers, and non- teaching staff in waste management through an extensive seven modules session including introduction to waste and waste practices, understanding waste and segregation, the implementation of the 3R's principle (reduce, reuse, rethink, recycle), the significance of composting and gardening, the impacts of open air waste burning and air pollution, the management of E-waste, and the connection between waste and climate change. CLEAN UP NEPAL has introduced the ZWAS toolkit as an additional resource for schools in Nepal, aiming to enhance students' understanding and practical implementation of sustainable waste management. ZWAS endeavors to foster a sustainable shift in waste management practices throughout the entire school, household and community.