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Clean Up Campaign

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Project Duration

2014 - ongoing

Project Goal

To reduce littering in public spaces by promoting environmental awareness, encouraging waste reduction, and encouraging reuse through organized efforts to reduce plastic pollution in river ecosystems, and public places by collaborating with likeminded organizations, educational institutions, community, students, local governments, and so on to clean up waterways and lessen pollution.

Targeted Beneficiaries

likeminded organizations, educational institutions, communities, students, local governments, and so on

Project Outcome/Output

Geographical Location

All over Nepal

Project Description

Sustainable development entails waste reduction and management, balancing human efforts with environmental conservation, a key strategy highlighted by CLEAN UP NEPAL. Committed to minimizing hazards, CLEAN UP NEPAL emphasizes responsible waste management to safeguard the environment and public health. By organizing cleanup campaigns in rivers, national parks, public spaces, and schools, it contributes to reducing plastic pollution. The organization promotes environmental awareness, encourages waste reduction and reuse, and seeks to diminish littering in public areas. Through these efforts, CLEAN UP NEPAL plays a vital role in fostering a cleaner, healthier environment.