CLEAN UP NEPAL’s Training Initiative Transforms Waste Management in Godawari Municipality

In a concerted effort to promote sustainable waste management practices, CLEAN UP NEPAL, in collaboration with People in Need Nepal, completed a three-day training session on April 17-19, 2023 for the local government of Godawari Municipality. The training, conducted under the Urban Resilience project, aimed to raise awareness and sensitize municipal officials and waste management department staff on effective waste management strategies and relevant policies. Facilitated by experts including Ms. Sanu Maiya Maharjan, Assistant Director of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, the sessions covered topics such as composting, rooftop gardening, the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), plastic recycling, and waste segregation. Interactive engagement from participants encouraged practical learning and inspired the integration of sustainable waste management practices into daily routines.

The training initiative, which attracted a total of 23 participants, emphasized a holistic approach to waste management, addressing not only disposal but also reduction and recycling efforts. Through collaborative efforts and knowledge dissemination, the training equips Godawari Municipality with the necessary tools and expertise to implement effective waste management strategies, fostering environmental stewardship and enhancing the resilience of urban communities against waste-related challenges. This initiative signifies a significant step towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future for the region, demonstrating the power of partnership and community engagement in tackling environmental issues at the local level.