Brief info

Mr. Nabaraj Poudel has been appointed as the treasurer of the executive board by the 9th General Assembly conducted in February 2023. He is an active and aspiring youth who has been contributing to better the environment related woes at Bharatpur, Chitwan through various environment and community related programs. His exemplary works in volunteer mobilization and supervision has helped extend successful experiences in our various environment oriented development programs.

Poudel, the director at Salyani Technologies, is a B.Sc.CSIT graduate from TribhuwanUniversity. A Microsoft certified Technology Specialist, Poudel’s input of IT integration in our programs at Chitwan has helped in advanced documentation of project activities.

A strong believer in the power of positive thinking and workplace dedication, Poudel shares his expertise as an advisor at Raise Hands Nepal. Also the Secretary of Paribesh Tole Bikas Sanstha, Bharatpur he has initiated and pioneered weekly and monthly activities such as clean ups, waste management trainings, digital awareness etc.