Brief info

Amod Karmacharya comes with more than a decade of experiences and expertise on management and customer service background. During his career, he has worked in DHL Express Nepal, as an IKON representative for Cambridge College, Boston, in Orlando's biggest conventional hotel, Gaylord Palms and managed international fashion units in Dubai.

In 2012, he came back to Nepal for good, in order to pursue his passion for social development and stumbled upon the endeavour and vision of the founder of Clean up Nepal. Since then Amod Karmacharya has been with Clean up Nepal supporting the vision of the organization as a founding board member and as an executive director.

He optimistically believes that the changes come from within the community with a contextual and local's perspective to solve social issues. He envisions and works toward creating Clean up Nepal as a platform for individuals to make a difference and contribute to the environmental issues.

A minimalistic, nature-loving feminist, devoted life-long learner of Wing Chun, fascinated by the Buddist teaching; and a travelling enthusiast.