Susan Shrestha

Communication Officer


- Bachelor in Multimedia Technologies

Experienced Sector

Graphics Designing, Motion Graphics Animation, Video Editing, Digital Marketing

Year of Experience

Above 4 years

About Me

Susan Shrestha, a creative and passionate Graphics Designer and Animator with a Bachelor in Multimedia Technology from Islington College. He has over three years of experience in multimedia, including animation, graphic design, and video editing. He has worked at notable companies and with mega clients in news agencies, advertisement, healthcare, and consumer electronics, contributing to multimedia projects and demonstrating his ability to combine creativity and technical expertise.

He has joined CLEAN UP NEPAL as Communication Officer, creating instructional and promotional materials to promote a clean and healthy environment. He creates informational content and handles the Safa Nepal and Zero Waste at School digital platforms, to inspire community participation in sustainability efforts to reduce disease and promote a healthy lifestyle through environmental practices.

In his previous roles, he designed news and social media themes, arrange live streams, and animated YouTube motion graphics and prepared detailed monthly reports and analyzed advertisement performance. He is also proficient in digital marketing initiatives, including social media strategy and promotional material creation, to ensure branding alignment.

He can create dynamic graphics and animations using Photoshop and After Effects as a Motion Graphics Designer. As an animator and video editor, he excels at promotional videos and event photography and videography.

He is proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Maya, and Microsoft Office. He possesses excellent problem-solving, leadership, and detail skills, and proficiency in Nepali, English, and Hindi allows him to communicate in diverse languages.

He is driven by creativity and excellence to evolve as a multimedia expert and affect audiences and stimulate community participation through fascinating and relevant digital content. He wants to use his experience to promote sustainable green project growth and innovation for a cleaner, greener future for all.