Successful 5th River Cleanup near Balkumari Bridge

Today, CLEAN UP NEPAL, in collaboration with the RIVER+ project, successfully completed the 5th RiverCleanUp near Balkumari Bridge. A huge thanks to the 184 participants, including 97 volunteers, 62 community members, and RIVER+ team members, who joined hands to remove loads of trash from our rivers and riverbanks. The campaign collected approximately 5025 kg of waste, including 926 kg of plastic, which will be recycled into composite boards.

Alongside the clean-up, an awareness session on waste types and the importance of segregation was conducted. This effort was made possible thanks to the support of World Bank through the Plastic Free Rivers and Seas for South Asia (PLEASE Project), implemented by the South Asia Co-operative Environment Programme with support from UNOPS Sri Lanka. RIVER+ is led by Biocomp Nepal in partnership with People in Need Nepal and CLEAN UP NEPAL.

The active involvement of the community and stakeholders highlights the collective effort in promoting environmental sustainability and waste management. This event underscores the importance of community collaboration in addressing environmental challenges and fostering a culture of responsible stewardship.