Samrat Mainali

Project Officer


- Masters in Rural Development

Experienced Sector

Community mediation, social mobilization, human resource management, counseling, Health, education, NFE, human, child rights, conflict transformation, peace-building, youth empowerment rights

Year of Experience

18 years both social development and private sector

About Me

I offer a plethora of expertise to the convergence of community participation and intellectual endeavors, having spent 11 years in the social development sector and an additional 6 years in academia. Currently on a research scholar path, I am pursuing an MPhil leading to a PhD in Sociology, displaying a dedication to expanding knowledge in the subject. My significant social development history includes a variety of jobs where I honed my abilities in stakeholder coordination, community empowerment, and project implementation. In the academic realm, my six-year involvement has created a thorough awareness of educational dynamics. This unique blend of practical experience and academic rigor qualifies me as a versatile professional capable of bridging the gap between theory and real-world influence in the pursuit of societal improvement.

Furthermore, since 2020, I’ve been working as a freelance consultant, leading training sessions to improve skills in community facilitation, report writing and assessment, leadership, advocacy, and conflict transformation. Involve in research on many facets of social development. Academic session focused on sociological theory.

My strengths include invention, analytical thinking, campaigning, rapport building, and a rights-based approach and belief in a positive attitude that aims to develop and maintain peace and prosperity in society.