Sahadev Tiwari

Social Mobilizer


- Bachelor Degree in Education

Experienced Sector

Documentation, Report writing, and Social Mobilizer.

Year of Experience

12 Years

About Me

With over 12 years of extensive experience in the development field, he has held various positions in NGOs and schools, demonstrating significant and progressive growth. Possessing a positive learning attitude, he has acquired substantial knowledge in professional development.

Regularly engaging with key stakeholders and facilitating coordination efforts, he maintains strong relationships with both governmental and non-governmental entities. His potential, including innovative thinking, analytical skills, advocacy, and effective relationship building, continues to drive impactful changes for communities, women, children, and marginalized groups.

He ensures that recommendations from visits and meetings are diligently followed up and communicated to relevant teams. Proficient in project implementation, he excels in planning, coordinating, and overseeing initiatives aimed at enhancing public health and well-being. Additionally, his expertise in social mobilization enables him to effectively involve communities in health and inclusive education programs, fostering awareness and participation.

Demonstrating a commitment to accountability and transparency, he meticulously monitors and reports on project outcomes. In summary, his academic background combined with practical experience in project execution, social engagement, and data management reflects a comprehensive approach to addressing population and health challenges.