My financial independence

    Hi I am Bimala Chaudhary. I’m 22 years of age, currently doing my undergraduate degree in Babai. We are a family of six: my parents, two brothers, grandma and me. My father is the sole employed person in my family. I had never worked before and was completely reliant on my family for financial support. When I found out about this initiative from Clean up Nepal through relatives and through the ward office, I was very eager to work and applied as soon as I got notified. I earned roughly 12000 rupees for gathering data from approximately 373 houses.  I haven’t spent the money yet since I don’t want to waste it on unnecessary purchases. For the time being, I do not need to bother my parents for money, and I am grateful that I have my own pocket money. For me, the initiative was quite useful. Given the opportunity, I am willing to work and be self-sufficient once again.

    This project has made me realize the benefits of  being financially independent, and also helped in acquiring skills to collect data efficiently. The fact that I don’t need to constantly ask my parents for money nowadays is a blessing for me. Also, the use of my mobile phone to collect data for a good cause made me realize the importance of technology and made me want to enhance my capability to utilize these technologies more. It has also greatly impacted my personal growth, in regards to effective communication, time management and confidence buildup. I truly thank Clean up Nepal and TAF in providing an opportunity like this and would request to remember me next time any projects like this are conducted in Tulsipur.