Parbati Ghatan (B.K)

Social Mobilizer


- +2, majoring sociology, environmental education

Experienced Sector

Mobilization, Nutrition, office assistant, coordination skills with local government.

Year of Experience

Above 4 years

About Me


Parbati Ghatan BK, originally from Shindhupalchowk but currently residing in Kathmandu, completed her higher secondary education in Arts with a focus on sociology, environmental education, and marketing. Since February 2024, she has been employed as a Social Mobilizer at CLEAN UP NEPAL.

With four years of experience in the development sector, Parbati has collaborated closely with local governments, key stakeholders, communities, and grassroots organizations. Her expertise lies in efficient community mobilization and effective coordination. Before joining CLEAN UP NEPAL, she served as a social mobilizer in a nutrition program.