CLEAN UP NEPAL’s Zero Waste Month Initiative Reveals Alarming Plastic Pollution in Godawari Municipality

CLEAN UP NEPAL organized a cleanup initiative in the Buspark area of Godawari Municipality, Ward 3, as a highlight of the Zero Waste Month festivities for January 2024. The event, aligned with the theme ‘A Pathway for a Just Zero Waste Future,’ featured a comprehensive brand audit. As part of the initiative, a brand audit was conducted, unveiling 4417 pieces of plastic wrappers sorted into various categories such as household plastic, food packaging, smoking materials, packing materials, and miscellaneous items. The overall weight of these materials was measured at 17.78 kilograms. Additionally, 359 pieces of PET bottles, PP, HDPE, weighing 4.41 kilograms, and 11.1 kilograms of glass/metal were collected, resulting in a total of 33.29 kilograms.

Prominent brands identified during the audit included Aquarius water bottle, Rasilo Candy, Happy Dent chewing gum, Parag tobacco, WAIWAI noodles, Curren Gutkha, Center Fruit chewing gum, Current Spicy Stick Kurkure, 2 PM Noodles, Kwicks Cheese Ball, Coca Cola drink, Mountain Dew drink, Fanta drink, among others.