CLEAN UP NEPAL conducted Zero Waste at Schools (ZWAS) Training of Trainers under RIVER+ Project

Kathmandu, 21 June 2024 – CLEAN UP NEPAL successfully completed the Zero Waste at Schools (ZWAS) training for 16 trainers as part of the RIVER+ project. Supported by the World Bank and implemented by the South Asia Co-operative Environment Programme with UNOPS Sri Lanka, this project is led by Biocomp Nepal in partnership with People in Need Nepal and CLEAN UP NEPAL.

The ZWAS trainers are now engaged with ten community schools in Kathmandu and Lalitpur to educate students, teachers, and eco-club members on sustainable waste management. The ZWAS program aims to promote sustainable waste practices in schools, extend this knowledge to homes, and increase climate action. The initiative covers topics such as e-waste management, composting, and the impacts of waste burning. So far, ZWAS has reached 42 schools, 4292 students, and 367 teachers, significantly contributing to cleaner and more sustainable communities in Nepal.