CLEAN UP NEPAL Aims to Equip Volunteers with Zero Waste Initiative

Six sessions on Zero Waste At Schools were conducted for a total of 180 participants, with 84 being focal teachers from public schools in Kathmandu Metropolitan City and 96 being Baba volunteers. The sessions were held from April 7, 2024 to April 10, 2024. This initiative, a vital part of Kathmandu Metropolitan City’s Sundar Vidhyalaya program, aims to equip volunteers with the skills and knowledge necessary to implement effective waste management initiatives in schools during the new academic calendar period.

Facilitated by the esteemed team from CLEAN UP NEPAL—Project Coordinator Karuna Thapa, Senior Project Officer Preety Pradhananga, and Project Officer Samrat Mainali—the sessions were brimming with invaluable insights and practical strategies tailored to school environments. Their expertise ensured participants left with a deep understanding of Zero Waste practices, setting the stage for lasting, sustainable change.