Ayushma Manandhar



Lower Secondary Level (Grade 7)

Experienced Sector

Vocational trainings

Year of Experience

Above 2 years

About Me

Ayushma Manandhar is a resident of Chhetrapati, Kathmandu. She is a person with Intellectual disability and a board member at Parents Federation of People with Intellectual Disability (PFPID). Being a person with Intellectual Disability, she has struggled with her studies and left the conventional education after grade 7. However, her attitude to learn new things has driven her to receive vocational trainings which includes waitress training and other capacity building training.

Ayushma has worked in BATAS Foundation for a month as an intern. She is also a member of Easy-to-Read Checking Group where she reviews the document and helps them translate which is easily accessible to the people with intellectual disability. 

In CLEAN UP NEPAL, Ayushma will work in multiple documents and help the team translate in easily accessible text. Along with this, she will support other staff in various activities as per requirement.