Anita Dahal

Communication Officer


- Masters in Communication

Experienced Sector

Human Rights, Disability Rights, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, Journalism, Counseling.

Year of Experience

4 years experiences in social development

About Me

I have completed my Master’s degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. I am a dynamic professional with a passion for Gender Equality Communication and social development. With a proactive attitude and decisive approach, I have excel in writing, editing, translations, and photography, leveraging these skills to drive impactful results. I have enthusiasm and strong communication abilities that foster positive engagement with diverse audiences, while their collaborative spirit and sense of responsibility make them a valuable team player. Committed to continuous learning and advocacy, I am dedicated to promoting inclusive communication strategies for a more equitable society.

I have a passion for storytelling and visual expression. As the driving force behind the YouTube channel “Crossing the Boundary,” I bring captivating narratives and breathtaking imagery to life. From enchanting travel vlogs showcasing the vibrant streets of different places. Moreover, I love writing short stories.