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Clean up Nepal works to provide an enabling environment to improve solid waste management and water, sanitation and hygiene in Nepal by working closely with local communities and relevant stakeholders.

The Vision

Communities have access to a sustainable waste management system, sanitation facilities and the associated knowledge and resources that empowers them to live a healthy, disease-free life.

Mission Statement

We connect, educate and empower people on sustainable waste management and sanitation through a people centered strength based approach to improve community health, well being and opportunity.


Aims and Objectives

We do this by:

  • Working in partnership with communities to address basic solid waste management issues such as haphazard littering and improved community waste management;
  • Educating and training youth, students and the wider community on issues of solid waste management including household waste segregation, recycling, composting and greater  awareness of consumption patterns;
  • Leading a movement of like-minded people with strong values and a passion for improved solid waste management within Nepal and overseas.


  • Clean up Nepal brings together passionate people who are committed to achieve lasting impact through a holistic approach to solid waste management.
  • Our strength is our people – we pride ourselves on our diversity of skills, backgrounds, cultures and experience.
  • We show leadership and take an ambitious and brave approach to creating and sustaining change.
  • We learn together, work together and have fun together – inspiring collective action.
  • We contribute our time and resources with humility and generosity to advance Clean up Nepal’s vision.
  • We are innovative and bold – we imagine a better future and work together to make it happen.


We actively subscribe to a set of core values. These values are adopted and promoted across our organisations. They underpin the way in which we conduct our business, interact with our stakeholders and operate as individuals or teams. These values also relate to our Code of Conduct, which provides guidance in relation to the standards that are expected in the conduct of day to day operations. These are the values we follow every day.

    We are a community of people and organisations who share a common vision for the future. Through collective action and community-led change we will learn more, achieve more and have fun together.
    We strive to address the immediate needs of our communities without compromising the needs of future generations. Along with our people, our planet is our most valuable resource.
    We build relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We believe all relationships thrive on a two way sharing of knowledge and culture.
    We create new opportunities for learning and lasting change.  We have a passion for continuous learning and seek to embrace and harness new experiences, wisdom, ideas and expertise.
    We strive for quality, professionalism and excellence in everything that we do. We believe we can create positive and long lasting impact in the world.

Strategic Aims 2015

  • Creating litter-free neighborhoods throughout Nepal by providing an enabling environment that empowers local communities to better manage their solid waste by connecting them with existing resources and key stakeholders in solid waste management, and providing assistance in community mobilization and sourcing resources towards this;
  • Raising the profile of environmental issues in Nepal’s development narrative by raising awareness on solid waste management issues at a national level through evidence-based advocacy, innovations in the creative economy, and youth-focused collaborative events that highlight issues in the public domain;
  • Improving awareness of solid waste management issues amongst school children, youth and tertiary students by working together with government and other stakeholders to revise the school curriculum, developing partnerships with universities and research institutions to undertake primary research, and holding a series of awareness raising programs, trainings and workshops at educational institutions;
  • Initiating contextually suited technological solutions for waste minimization through skills transfer between Nepal and other countries, and by working with local government and the private sector in Nepal towards eco-friendly packaging, improved recycling facilities and the setup of improved supply chains;
  • Bringing about behavioral change in Nepal that will reduce the haphazard disposal of rubbish in public spaces, raise awareness about products that are environmentally friendly, and encouraging communities to reduce their household waste production, and encouraging reuse, recycling and recovery; and
  • Creating networks of stakeholders by connecting with existing stakeholders in solid waste management in Nepal and the global community, and mobilizing and supporting volunteers to increase their understanding of environmental issues in Nepal and the role they can play in improving solid waste management in their localities.
Last Updated: January 17, 2016

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