Abhinay Man Shrestha

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Officer


- Master’s in Environment and Natural Resources

Experienced Sector

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Urban Sanitation, Faecal Sludge Management (FSM), Solid Waste Management (SWM), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)/Initial Environmental Examinations (IEE)

Year of Experience

Above 7 years

About Me

Having an academic grounding in Environmental Engineering, with a special focus on Environment and Natural Resources, I bring to the table in excess of 7 years of experience in various studies and projects regarding environment conservation, sustenance and other developmental works involving international donor agencies, three-tiers of the government and community stakeholders alike. I would say my forte lies in data analysis, number crunching, data visualization and effective reporting. This equips me with a unique amalgamation of innovative solutions to pertinent environmental challenges in Nepal. I believe that my ability to contextualize these solutions to local realities results in strategies that are practical, implementable, and sustainable within Nepalese settings.

Along with this, my acumen extends to adeptly identifying the impediments to environmental solutions, especially in Nepal’s rural regions, with demonstrated capacity to steer policy and decision-making entities in the right direction. Being well versed with the country’s environmental policies, acts and regulations ensures that all of my project activities are well within environmental guidelines and norms.

I try harnessing my abilities for uniting various local stakeholders and international donor agencies to unanimously confront environmental challenges in the country, all the while fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and unity in purpose.