6th River Cleanup Campaign Celebrates World Environment Day at Manohara River

In celebration of World Environment Day, the 6th remarkable river cleanup campaign was held at the Manohara River, Jadibuti. A diverse group of 239 participants, including students, community members, informal waste workers, police personnel, organizations, government officials, and volunteers, united to collect an impressive 3777.13 kg of waste from the river and its banks.

This effort was made possible thanks to the support of the World Bank through the Plastic Free Rivers and Seas for South Asia (PLEASE Project), implemented by the South Asia Co-operative Environment Programme with support from UNOPS Sri Lanka. RIVER+ is led by Biocomp Nepal in partnership with People in Need Nepal and CLEAN UP NEPAL.

The participants, comprising 143 women and 96 men, included 95 dedicated volunteers (69 women and 26 men). Their active involvement ensured the collection and auditing of the waste, which consisted of 3758.13 kg of mixed waste and 19 kg of glass. The collected waste was subsequently loaded for disposal by informal waste workers, community members from the vegetable market, and KMC Sanitation staff.

The event highlighted the power of community collaboration and the importance of environmental stewardship. Through such collective efforts, CLEAN UP NEPAL continues to promote sustainable practices and raise awareness about the critical issue of waste management.