EARTH DAY (7)

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    Clean up Nepal has identified an opportunity to leverage our experience in working with these local partners and stakeholders to coordinate the relief response to rural areas – and we have already started the process.

  • Join us each Saturday morning 8am to 10am at Tudikhel to lead Kathmandu's campaign to ban littering. Let's clean Tudikhel and raise awareness about the need to eradicate our stubborn littering practices. The first step begins from you and me. See you  on Saturday!

    Join us each Saturday morning from 8am to 10am to lead Kathmandu’s movement to ban littering in public spaces by participating in a cleanup and awareness program at Tudikhel. Let us set an example by ensuring Tudikhel is a clean, green and litter-free space for all Kathmanduites.

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    Kathmandu is choking due to single-use plastic bags. This is one of the biggest environmental problems we face in the urban and semi urban areas of Nepal. Let’s take action NOW to change this. Please sign this petition now to raise awareness among your friends and family. One person at a time, we can make a difference!

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    Our vision is for communities to have access to a solid waste management system and the associated knowledge and resources that enables them to live a healthy, disease-free life. We do this by connecting, educating and empowering people on improved solid waste management through a people-centred, strength based approach to improve community health, well-being and opportunity.


Working Areas

  • 1975178_732764753412766_1329483850_n Sustainable Waste Management

    We build the capacity of communities using a strengths-based approach to community development.

  • 03-02-Dasani-bottle-Hawaii-LARGE Environmental Education

    We engage with students and youth of educational institutes to enhance awareness of environmental issues and ecologically sustainable choices.

  • Save-The-World-1080x1920 Campaigns

    We mobilize individuals globally to support campaigns on environmental issues aimed at raising awareness and support to create positive change.

  • Green-Wallpaper Research and Advocacy

    We work with universities and educational institutions in Nepal to undertake small-scale research on waste management in Nepal.

Act Now

  • act1 Volunteer

    Clean up Nepal volunteers are an incredible group of people. Not only do they give their precious time to help us with our common goal of a cleaner and greener Nepal, but they also form the backbone of our organisation.

  • act2 Organize

    Clean up Nepal organizers lead the planning, design and development of events in their localities such as community cleanups, trainings and workshops, film screenings and other awareness raising events.

  • act3 Become a partner

    Clean up Nepal partners play a crucial role in how we function as an organisation. Our collaborative approach means we actively seek to work together with organisations that have similar values and working approaches.

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