Workshop on Low-Cost Air Quality Sensors

With the support of “The Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS)”, partnered with Clean Power Pvt. Ltd, Clean up Nepal successfully conducted a two-day “Do It Yourself (DIY)” workshop.

With an objective to spread knowledge in identifying research gaps and scaling up low-cost sensors, and enabling citizen science activities in AQ sensors, by Dr. Ashish Singh, Anima Shrestha and Binindra Shrestha.

The workshop also served as a follow-up program for participants who were selected from the previous workshop conducted in partnership with The Asia Foundation, UK Aid, DI, and D4D, ‘Data and Stories it can tell: Strengthening the Air Quality Narrative in Nepal’ conducted on 13-15 August 2018 by Air South Asia.

The hands-on workshop involved knowledge of building a simple AQ sensor, improve data quality, visualization, present the data from AQ sensor and discussion on the possible direction of AQ sensors in Nepal.


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