Zero Waste at Shree Mahankal School


With a view to empower young people and bring about revolutionary change among the younger generations regarding sustainable solid waste management and environment protection, Clean up Nepal with support from Impact Marathon Series will facilitate a “Zero Waste at Schools” program at Shree Mahankal School in the new academic session.


Today, a team of four from Clean up Nepal and Impact Marathon Series visited the school premises and spoke with the principal of the school about the program. We are excited that the school is positive. We look forward to creating meaningful impact through this program– our hope is that waste management practices will improve significantly throughout the valley as we continue to take this program to a greater number of schools.

For further information on the Zero Waste at Schools program, please contact Binita Subedi at [email protected] or on +977-14373175.

Last Updated: April 3, 2017

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