Zero Waste at Schools | Module II

This week on Clean up Nepal’s “Zero Waste at Schools program”, we emphasized on the role of individuals and households in addressing the problem of waste through the importance of waste segregation. We facilitated the second module, “Waste Segregation”–as a follow-up of the first module “Introduction to Waste Management”.

The session focused on the importance of waste segregation at source and how we can segregate at our home. Students were introduced to the three types of waste; organic, inorganic and reject waste. They were demonstrated how to distinguish the waste type and how to segregate waste at home, using 2 bin 1 bag system.

For the plenary, students had to allocate the different pictures of organic, inorganic and reject waste into its respective bags. Based on their Eco-diaries, students shared their experiences on the relevance and importance of their contribution to appropriate waste management. The filled pages of Eco-diaries and the litter free classrooms helped track initiations of environment-friendly behaviors in students.

Separate training was held for the school staff to ensure that the proper management of waste in the school.

The Zero Waste at School program has been made possible with the support of Impact Marathon Series and The British School.

For more pictures please visit our Facebook post.

Last Updated: September 20, 2017

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