Sustainable Waste Management Training at Koteshwor


On 15 July 2017 Clean up Nepal conducted a training on waste segregation for the members of the community with the aim to capacitate locals to segregate waste at source from Shrawan 1st in 500 households.  Waste Concern Pvt Ltd- a private waste collection company working in the Koteshwor area.  Clean up Nepal trained 100 community members on Waste Segregation, 3Rs, Composting and Impacts of Waste Burning on Health and Environment.

Waste Concern will collect the segregated waste separately in an attempt to institutionalise a sustainable waste collection system. The households are will segregate their waste into three categories: Organic, recyclables and inorganic. The Waste Concern will compost the organic waste and sell the recyclables and only take the remaining waste to landfill. Segregation at source is a proven method to reduce a load of waste on the ill equipped landfill site at Sisdole. In our previous experience, we were able to divert  82% household waste from the landfill site.

Clean up Nepal wishes to collaborate with more waste collection companies and replicate the process to achieve maximum impact and divert maximum waste from the Kathmandu city from ending up in the landfill. We will be supporting such initiatives in future as well.

Waste Concern will collect organics every Sunday and Thursday and recyclables and inorganic every Tuesday. We wish them all the luck and hope for a positive impact of the practice in our currently not so efficient and sustainable waste management practice.






Last Updated: July 17, 2017

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