Clean up Nepal launches Zero Waste at School

“Zero Waste at Schools” is an initiative by Clean up Nepal to engage, educate and empower students, teachers and staff at schools in Kathmandu on appropriate waste management practices. With five modules for students and training for staff, various themes are explored including an introduction to waste management and its practices, the importance of waste segregation, 3Rs, composting, and open air waste burning. Clean up Nepal is currently working with four schools of Kathmandu to address issues faced by these schools to manage their waste.
This week, we facilitated the first module– “Introduction to Waste Management”– to the students and staff of Mahankal Jana Jagriti Secondary School in Golfutar, Saraswoti Secondary School in Koteshwor, Tika Vidhyashram Secondary School, and the British School in Jhamsikhel. The module included an introduction to waste practices in Kathmandu along with discussions on key issues in waste management and the role individuals play in improving waste management systems.
Divided into four groups– Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink– students portrayed their understanding of the waste flow cycle in their communities. The challenge of littering in Nepal, the reasons for its practice and how we can put a stop to it, was also discussed. Students were encouraged to create their own Eco-Diary, a diary made of paper waste, to help initiate environment-friendly habits.
Last Updated: September 3, 2017

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