Koshish Kumar Arjal

Program Coordinator
Brief info

Koshish is an inhabitant from Kathmandu and likes to work with passionate and light-minded people. He believes in creativity but also considers that smart work pays off. He has a Master’s degree in social work and has been a student of social work for five years.

Koshish has been working with various non-profit organizations, national and international. He has been involved in a range of development projects in the past three years. He believes that quality education and experiences guide an individual towards enlightenment and that life is a continuous learning process. Besides, he is a football fanatic and an enthusiast when it comes to rock music. He also loves traveling and being adjacent to nature.

Koshish joined Clean up Nepal from last week of July (2019) and has been the Program Coordinator ever since. He has been supporting the program team in the ‘Nepal waste map’ and ‘Strengthening the implementation of vehicle emission testing system’ project. He looks to add value to the Cleanup Nepal team with his experiences and to learn throughout his work span here and further.