Azam Nathaniel

Program Manager
Brief info

Azam Nathaniel is from Bengaluru, South India and firmly believes in working with passion and synergy. He has a systematic and strategic approach to development with flexibility for human- centric design. He is currently working with Clean up Nepal and striving to establish a sound waste management system in Kathmandu by bridging the gaps between Government, private and public. He is continually making efforts to eradicate waste burning and illegal dumping in Nepal, while promoting sustainable lifestyles, particularly reduce, reuse and recycle among communities and schools.

Formerly, he was associated with ACTS where he worked towards transforming education systems through school, teacher and child development.  He has strongly embraced the fact that everyone deserves quality and global education and hence has worked with both rural and urban schools in India to emphasize global awareness, 21st century skills and responsible citizenship. He also comes with years for experience in operations, escalation, and workflow management from technology giants such as Microsoft and DELL.  He loves to be a MiracleWorker and has strong faith in the limitless possibilities of the human spirit.

Nathaniel now works in Nepal and has been serving as a Program Manager since August 2017. He is thankful for the support and guidance from the Clean up Nepal team, especially Neelam Pradhananga, founder of Clean up Nepal, and is grateful for the opportunity to innovate and implement development programs within Nepal.  He believes Clean up Nepal programs will help establish a sound waste management system and improve public services by enhancing sector-wide collaboration and public participation.