Aakanchhya Shahi

Communications officer
Brief info

Aakanchhya is a recent social work graduate from St. Xavier’s College and currently pursuing her master’s degree in Child Development and Gender Socialization. She is very much interested in strolling around nature and loves animals. She believes that change begins with oneself and that if we try hard enough, anything is possible.
Aakanchhya has been working with various non-profit organizations and was involved with them during her college days as an intern as well. She enjoys participating in various design projects, as well as socializing and making new friends. She enjoys learning new things and has participated in a variety of activities. She has also taken part in several training sessions.
She is a person who believes in the goodness and kindness of others. Flexibility, strong communication, and supportiveness are her strengths and believes in teamwork and the process of constant learning.