Nepal: Stop littering today!

Littering is polluting our environment. It is choking our streets and rivers.

How many of us throw away our rubbish on the streets without giving it any thought? How many people have you seen do the same? This culture of ‘not caring’ has to stop!

Littering is one of the most visible and persistent problems facing many cities of Nepal. And the culprits vary from cigarette butts to chocolates, chips, biscuits, noddle, cigarette and tobacco wrappers; and soft drinks cans, bottles and cartons. This habit of littering is:

  • Visually unappealing
  • Pollutes¬†the environment and
  • Costing us money!


It is time we took responsibility for our own rubbish. Place your litter in a bin or take your rubbish home. Not having sufficient bins is not an excuse for leaving your litter behind. Don’t be a TOSSER!

Please sign this petition now to raise awareness among your friends and family. One person at a time, we can make a difference!


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Shrijit KoiralaMay 20, 2018

Make this movement a thing again please. If we get enough people to sign this, people will start noticing. A country like Nepal does not deserve to be under a pile of trash everywhere.

Sandesh SilpakarMarch 29, 2017

It’s common sense. We don’t litter around our home, then why do we throw rubbish on streets? We yearn for a clean environment but we do not think twice before using streets as a rubbish been. This has to stop.

Sabine TulachanMarch 28, 2017

It makes me so sad to see how the beautiful nature of Nepal gets more and more polluted and it makes me angry when I see people throwing their garbage in the streets. This has to stop!

Sadiksha basnetMarch 27, 2017

Just put all the wrappers or waste inside your bag in a plastic and throw it either in the dustbin nearby or in your home!! This simple step would be much much effective than you ever imagine!! Show some respect to yourself and your environment!!

Amod KarmacharyaMarch 27, 2017

Respecting the streets, having that level of civility toward our environment is also respecting your your self. This shows how much value you have as a human being.

Neelam PradhanangaSeptember 11, 2014

If only we refrained from throwing our rubbish in public places, Nepal would be so much cleaner. We all have a role to play in a cleaner and greener Nepal, and this could be a small but important step in the right direction. If you can’t find a bin, take your rubbish home with you!

Shrabesh L ShresthaSeptember 5, 2014


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