Spot cleanup at Boudha

Spot clean up at Boudha on 22nd November started at around 8 and ended at 10:30. Clean up Nepal along with Clean up Boudha and volunteers from Nepal International Marathon Nepal along with locals and other volunteers successfully cleaned the spot with the motive to make the locals realize their responsibility towards cleaner surroundings.
More than 50 people participated in the spot clean up and within two hours we were able to clean the site. We collected more than 100 sacks of waste from the cleanup site -approximately 3 tons of waste, among which around 10 sacks were recyclables. Moreover, we were able to involve locals who committed to put up a street light and collectively pay for a staff to guard the site in order to make sure the illegal dumping of waste at this open land stops. A flex board has been put up at the site with the message that reads illegal dumping is a punishable crime and a person can be charged up to 100,000 or sentenced to 3 months in prison.
We are thankful to the energetic group of volunteers from Nepal International Marathon, volunteers from King’s College, local residents, core volunteers, waste pickers and Clean up Boudha team for making this event a success!


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