Segregating Household Waste in Nagarjun Municipality

Clean up Nepal in collaboration with NEPSEMYAK Sewa Pvt. Ltd. and Nagarjun municipality distributed 1200 bins to the community of ward number- 2, Nagarjun municipality as part of the waste segregation pilot project for 500 households.
“असल हातहरु सधैँ साथमा, हाम्रो वातावरण हाम्रै हातमा |”
The program was inaugurated by presenting flowers as a token of appreciation by Amod Karmacharya, Executive Director of Clean up Nepal to the honorable guests. In addition to speeches by our guests, Clean up Nepal’s Pratima Khadka provided a training to the community on why and how to segregate waste. The program began at 8.00 am and concluded at 1.00 pm. A follow-up visit was conducted by the team a day after the bin distribution program, and the community has started to segregate their waste. Clean up Nepal will follow up with the community on a regular basis to ensure that the waste is segregated properly and based on the guidelines provided.
Clean up Nepal is grateful to have the following guests and speakers during the bin distribution program: Mr. Bhuwan Giri as the Chief Guest– Head of Law and Social Development Department of Nagarjun Municipality, Mr. Baburam Chaulagain as the Chairman– Chief of Swayambhu branch, NEPSEMYAK Sewa Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Laxmi Prasad Gelal –Chairman of NEPSEMYAK Sewa Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Tikaram Dhakal– Chairman of Waste Management Group\Executive Officer of NEPSEMAC, Mr. Rishi Prasad Bhattarai –Secretary of the Joint Ward Office, Mr. Pratap Dani –Chairman of the Community Service Centre and Community Police Service Centre, Mr. Ranjit Pandit –Principal of Kamana International College, Mr. Bhuwan KC –
Secretary of Devnagar Village Development Committee, Mrs. Shanta Panta –Chairman of Ichangu Jagriti Multipurpose Cooperative Limited


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