2015 Annual Nationwide Cleanup Report

Click here for the report: Annual Nationwide Cleanup 2015 Report

In its third year, Clean up Nepal’s Annual Nationwide Cleanup brought together the Nepali government, 9 national partners, 290 local partners and 39,031 volunteers on September 19, 2015 to clean up the country nationwide. Over 282,699 kilos of waste was collected at 106 locations in 38 major cities of 21 districts on the day.

The impetus for the Annual Nationwide Cleanup came from the increased and unmanaged urbanization that has exacerbated solid waste management in Nepal. The government has set up policies and mechanisms to address this issue, including organizing household waste pickup and setting up community dustbins. However, these initiatives do not sufficiently provide adequate waste management services. Realizing the need to supplement current efforts by the local government and other non-governmental organizations, Clean up Nepal works to encourage stakeholders to hold local cleanup events that aim to stimulate positive behavioural change in the handling and disposal of waste.

The vision of Clean up Nepal is to inspire and empower local communities, community groups, schools, businesses, and local governments to join the movement to carry out community-based activities that address local environmental issues. Clean up Nepal is not just about picking up rubbish; through the act of picking up rubbish, we aim to provide an on-going platform for raising awareness on local environmental issues amongst the wider Nepalese community.

The Annual Nationwide Cleanup in 2015 focused on the cleanup of Internally Displaced Camps. Cleanups were carried out in 11 of the 14 most affected districts. Despite the recent earthquake, the constant bandhs, and unrest in the country, the number of local partners, clean up locations and participants increased from the previous year’s cleanup.



Last Updated: March 24, 2016

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