Our Clean up Nepal Organisers are an active, enthusiastic, dedicated and creative group of individuals who are responsible for leading Clean up Nepal programs in their respective cities. You too can organize an event in your locality! These may be a cleanup in your neighborhood, a film screening in your locality or an interaction session at your local school. To find out how you can get involved in this, contact your local chapter or if you can’t find a chapter in your area, get in touch with us at [email protected]

Clean up Nepal – Kathmandu

The Kathmandu chapter was set up for the September 2013 Nationwide Clean-up event and is the first one to be set up in Nepal. It is run by an enthusiastic group of volunteers and has grown from strength to strength. The Kathmandu chapter also acts as Clean up Nepal’s head office. The office at Tripurewore, Kathmandu was set up in August 2014 and is currently staffed by a Clean up Nepal Program officer, interns and volunteers.

Arika is an A-level student. She enjoys creative works, whether it is for the environment or another aspect. Although Arika is not professionally trained in the environment sector, she is aware of the worsening environmental conditions of our cities. ‘Environment is not my subject of study’, she says ‘But I am still aware of it. And I encourage my friends as well as the people whom I meet to make their surroundings clean and green’. Clean up Nepal has provided Arika one such platform to encourage and raise awareness in her immediate circles to take positive action for the environment. ‘At last I want to say, our small effort means a lot for the environment’, she notes.

Asmita is an A-Level alumnus from Orient college. She notes that environmental problems are a burning issue these days and is affecting us adversely. ‘Are environmental problems only the concern of people who work and study about environment? NO, I don’t think. It’s mine, yours. It is our duty and responsibility to work in harmony with the environment’ she says. She strongly believes that ruining the environment is ruining us, and advocates for all to love the environment and get involved in upgrading it. ‘Hurry up! Join Clean up Nepal’, she says.

Deepak comes to Clean up Nepal with 35 years of work experience at UNICEF Nepal and from his own trading business. In addition to his passion to help the children and women of Nepal, he also carries deep concerns over the depleting state of environment in Nepal. As a founder and ongoing President of his school alumni – Himalaya Vidya Mandir Alumni Association, Deepak works to reach out to the under-privileged people of Nepal. Academically, he is a graduate from Public Youth Campus specializing in Marketing and Finance. Because of his wide experience in operational and programmatic sectors, Deepak has been working to set up organisational structures at our office in Kathmandu.

Khagendra has finished his bachelor level studies. He is the founder of the public library and communication center at Arghakhanchi and also associated with a software and website development company. He believe that, ‘Change is effective only when there is the active involvement of local representatives’. He sees such a bottom-up approach at Clean up Nepal and days ‘I love Clean up Nepal; I respect Clean up Nepal’.

Prasuj is an active volunteer at Clean up Nepal and has coordinate a number of activities including training, community meetings and workshops as part of the Litter-free Neighborhood Program. He has also participated in a number of environmental events throughout the year. Prasuj is currently undertaking a Bachelor in Rural Development. He is a nature lover and would like to see a clean and green environment. This is the reason why Prasuj is involved in Clean up Nepal – he would like to make his surroundings clean and increase awareness and action in his immediate circles of influence


Roman Man Shrestha is a young energetic researcher, who works with passion. He started with his volunteering for Clean up Nepal , Kathmandu chapter and initiate the Clean up Nepal, Pokhara. He likes to work for environmental programs to bring change in society, live a life with full happiness and with passion.

Sabnam is an A-level graduate from Orient College. She is concerned about environmental issues and has a deep desire to contribute to tangible solutions. She has participated in many environment-related activities and it is this passion that has brought Sabnam to Clean up Nepal. ‘The effort of each individual matters’, she says. Working with Clean up Nepal, she has taken an initiative to contribute to solve environment issues – to build a cleaner and healthier Nepal for today and the future.

Sanju is a public health student who believes that studies shouldn’t be limited to just books. This has led her to get involved in volunteering, especially in the environment sector. Her interest lies in sustainable waste management and she is a strong advocate for no littering, ‘Don’t litter, it will make your life bitter’!


I am a student of A level who is interested on environment and animal. I have always loved the nature and seeing our country polluted it makes me really sad because we all are equally capable cleaning and doing things together but there is few people is interested so, I want to encourage others Teenagers like me to keep environment and our surrounding clean. My mom always told me that we are the future of Nepal and when she told me that its suddenly hits my heart and I thought if we are the future of Nepal then we should start now doing thing differently and not aspect from our government because they are not going to do anything so, yes I want to be the inspiring person to our youth generation and for next generation. When I heard Clean of Nepal I thought it’s a big opportunity for me and working as a team with you amazing people it’s a big thing for me because I have heard amazing things about this project.

Satish is currently undertaking a Bachelor in Computer Information System. The most common question he is asked is ‘Why are you so interested in environment?’ His response is simple, ‘The main cause of environmental degradation is human action. So if we are the reason behind the dire state of our environmental, then we ought to do something to slow down this rate of degradation’.

Saurav is currently undertaking his 10+2 in Humanities at Kathmandu Model College. He is a nature lover and is at his best when he is in harmony with the environment. Saurav loves gardening in his spare time. ‘Environmental degradation is a global issues. We are the cause behind environmental destruction and now we must stop this’ he says. Saurav notes that Nepalese are aware but lack action. ‘Now we should be a part of the change we wish to see. Clean up Nepal is providing such a platform to raise awareness and campaign on issues that matter to us. Polluting our environment is polluting our minds and human civilization. We must be respectful to our environment. Let’s unite for a cleaner Nepal’.

Sawana is a student of Social Work and Conflict, Peace and Development Studies and is currently undertaking her master’s thesis paper. Sawana notes, ‘Our earth is our mother – it provides us everything from the greenery, fresh air and food to shelter and protection. If we truly care for mother earth, we should work for the cleanliness and greenery of our environment. Our mother earth has become dirty and polluted. We must work together; why not join hands to clean our earth and make it happy and beautiful. I am in, in doing this beautiful job! Are you?’

Suja has been actively involved with Clean up Nepal since 2014, and brings her experience in organizing charity events and volunteering for a number of non-for-profits. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from St. Xavier’s College and is currently undertaking a Masters in Environment Education and Sustainable Development at Kathmandu University. Suja is proud to be a part of the Clean up Nepal team. She notes ‘As Nepal is a developing nation with an unstable government, the contribution of each individual is even more important to bring about the nation we desire’.

Sumi is currently undertaking a Masters in Environment Education and Sustainable Development at Kathmandu University. She has a keen interest in working in the environment sector. Since joining the team in 2014, she has expanded her horizons in her search for a better understanding of how she, as an individual, can contribute to a better world.


Let’s not build environment for youth, let’s build youth for environment Each and every one of us is responsible for the degradation of environment. Then we are responsible for its protection as well. Let’s act as responsible youth and help to make our environment better.

Clean Up Nepal – POKHARA

The Clean up Nepal – Pokhara chapter was set up with the active support of Kathmandu-based Clean up Nepal volunteer Roman Man Shrestha. Roman organized a meeting in Pokhara on bla. 2 4th June ??  This was followed by a visit to Pokhara by the Clean up Nepal – Kathmandu team on 17 June 2014. The Pokhara chapter has since organized a number of cleanup events and is preparing for the upcoming Clean up Nepal 2014 Nationwide cleanup.


Asmita is currently a forestry student with deep passion in environmental issues. She believes in taking initiation for change.


Yagyan is an engineering student with deep passion on environmental issues.   He is currently working at Proprietor of Yekata Engineering Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Yagyan is Involved in volunteering activities and environmental campaigns in local as well as national level. He believes in taking initiation for change and volunteerism gives me internal satisfaction.


Durga is currently studying Forestry science in IOF. He is involved in many organization in local and national levels as a volunteer. For him volunteering is his passion. Durga view is that volunteering is just like the candle who could be ready to burn up for itself but always impart the light for others.


Suman is a forestry student with deep passion in environmental issues. She is involved in various local and national level environmental campaign and volunteering activities. Suman believe change is inevitable when there is awareness, so take responsibility of making society aware of what you want to see as change.


Krishna is currently a B.B.A student studying in Prithvi Narayan campus bagar, Pokhara. He is a core member of clean up Nepal Pokhara


Bhawana is currently studying bachelor in forestry at Institute of Forestry, Pokhara. A passionate wildlife lover, she has keen interest in the environmental issues like mountain issues, solid waste management, climate change etc. Making the chain of network through volunteering can be the initiatives to paint the earth with greenary. Her quote is “Lets unite for our mother earth”

Clean Up Nepal – CHITWAN

The Clean up Nepal – Chitwan was set up informally by enthusiastic volunteers Ishwora Dhungana and Bindu Bhandari who made a trip from Chitwan to Kathmandu to attend our first Clean up Nepal 2014 Volunteer Induction on 18 February 2014. A visit to Chitwan was subsequently made by the team in Kathmandu on 18 June 2014 and the Clean up Nepal – Chitwan was then formed.


Pratima is  a junior vet student studying in Nepal Polytechnique Institute. She is very interested in environment conservation. PRATIMA is a animal lover and believe in nature. She is a founder member of raise hands Nepal, involved in various volunteering activities related to environment as well as agriculture.She is interested to organize various awareness programs in Nepal and bring a vast change in concept of world.


Kalpana an agricultural student, studing B.S.C Ag in Rampur campus. She is very interested in environment. Kalpana loves nature and believe in nature. She likes to be involve in various volunteering activities related to environment as well as agriculture. She is interested to organized various awareness programs in rural as well as uneducated area of Nepal and bring a vast change in world.


Ishwora is an undergraduate agriculture student who is passionate nature lover. She has a keen interest in environment friendly issues especially sustainable food production to wipe away the hunger from the world. This passion has led her to different volunteering activities in various dimensions. She strongly believes that small efforts can bring a vast change in the world.


Bindu is currently a veterinary student with deep passion on environmental issues (mainly climate change) and sustainable development. Involved in diverse volunteering activities and environmental campaigns from national to international level. She believe in taking initiation for change and volunteering gives me internal satisfaction.


Birendra is  a social worker involved in different organization such as chairman, program Director of Nepal friendship Society, member of Clean up Nepal Chitwan chapter, fundraising chairman of Bishazar Jaycees. He has completed a diploma in TTM from London and MA RD from Nepal. He strongly believe the role of youths is very important for community . His view is that everyone need to work together for Greenery living support for clean and Green Nepal.


Jigyasha is a  radiology reader at C.M.C Chitwan. She is also involved in raise hands Nepal and Nepalese Youth Synergy club. Jigyasha love to serve people, help them do for those who have no one and cannot do anything for themselves. She believe in love others help other; it will give happiness in life. She loves to write poems and travel.


Deepti is studying B.Sc. at Iaas, Rampur, Chitwan. She has a great interest in participating on agriculture and environment activities. This interest got her to be volunteer for Clean Up Nepal.


“If we inherited polluted environment from our parents, it is not compulsory we pass the same environment to our children. Let’s make environment beautiful.” Shreena


Ritika is currently doing bachelors in Agriculture (2nd semester) in Agriculture and Forestry University, Rampur, Chitwan. Her interest towards environment has brought me up as an volunteer in Clean Up Nepal. She is committed to be a part of it and help in creating a better future in all possible ways.


Sachchida is a B.Sc student. studying in Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU), Chitwan. He is also a member of Youth Eco Network, which works on joint effort which helps in sustainable development that leads to greening the future. He is a nature lover person and is ready to volunteer in every activities of CLEAN UP NEPAL as much as he can


Nabaraj is a IT professional and has a vivid interest on social activities. He believe on social business to sustain the business as well as social impact. Currently he is a director at Salyani organization, which is sole farm of different company. The organisation is  helping to grow social startups. Hello world to code mission is conducting in the every college here in Chitwan to make student ready to solve social problem through the use of IC

Clean Up Nepal – BHAKTAPUR

The Clean up Nepal – Bhaktapur chapter was formed due to the interest of Kyaron Dhoju. Kyaron attended the Volunteer Induction that was held in Kathmandu on 23 August 2014. A call for volunteers was then made for Bhaktapur and a volunteer induction was held in Bhaktapur on 30 August 2014.


Santosh is currently a development studies student and environment science student. Founder/ Changer at Change Bhaktapur, Youth Campaign Coordinator at We Inspire Nepal


Clean Up Nepal – RUPANDEHI


Upakar Bhandari is a student studying agriculture. He is advocated in getting involve in    activity of sustainable development of environment and people.

Clean Up Nepal – SWEDEN


Ashish has been living and working for more than 14 years in different countries like Switzerland, USA, India, Nepal and Sweden. Mr. Maharjan, has been the operation manager for a hospitality management college (Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Education) in Nepal, where he coordinated most of the corporate social responsibility division of the college. Some of the projects that he coordinated are: food hygiene courses to hotels and restaurants, street cleaning initiatives and the production of a documentary about Food Safety in Nepal. Currently he is a board member and a project development manager of the Swedish NGO called ABC Sweden ( and coordinates the Yuwalaya project (an initiative to implement a youth resource center in Nepal).



A hardworking, Team-motivated, Enthusiastic. Accomplished executive ( civil eingineer) with proven ability to develop and implement real estate strategies that support business and financial objectives. Have led key initiatives that reduced costing for the construction works. Respected leader, able to build highly motivated management teams focused on achieving goals. Keep up to date with changes in the industry through continuing professional development. Skills and Expertise SAP, CAD, Avaya, MS- office, Proposal review and writing, Project management and planning.Public relations, Management, research, strategic/ tactical planning. Education Bachelor’s of Civil Engineering


Monika Ranjitkar is an educator in an early learning setting at a private school in Sydney. She holds a Masters degree in Sociology from Bangalore University (South India), Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Development from Pondicherry University (South India) and a Master of Commerce (Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations) from the University of Western Sydney.

Apart from her long career working with children and having them as her teachers, Monika is an aspiring change agent – passionate about social justice, equality and social activism. She has been actively involved in campaigns against the human rights abuse of Nepali migrant workers in the Gulf region. She has also helped organise online fundraisers for CMI Nepal’s education campaign and a successful fundraiser musical event in an effort to help educate the children of deceased Nepali migrant workers. Monika aims to transform the world today into a better place in every way possible. ‘Clean up Nepal’ is one such mission to bring about justice to the environment that she believes should be a fundamental concern of the present generation.


Sabin Shrestha is a Chemical Engineering graduate at the University of Sydney. He is currently involved in the product/packing development field for the R&D/Supply Chain function in the fast moving consumer goods industry, for such companies as Kimberly Clark and Reckitt Benckiser. His main responsibility in this role is the development of sustainable packaging for everyday products throughout the product lifecycle, from raw material production to finished goods to eventual disposal and recycling. Recent work was involved in developing sustainability action plans for companies such as Dulux Australia and Apotex for the Australian Packaging Covenant, a government sustainable packaging initiative in which aims to change the culture of business to design more sustainable packaging, increase recycle rates and reduce packaging litter.

Sabin has started working with Clean Up Nepal early 2014, mainly involved in the website set up and support in small activities. Being a first generation Nepalese American/Australian and having the background in sustainable packaging, Sabin has a strong interest in volunteering for organisations such as Clean Up Nepal as he believes in line with their values that community education and awareness is the first step in creating a better waste management system for the country

Last Updated: September 20, 2014

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