Litterfree Neighbourhood Programs

Clean up Nepal's Litter-free Neighborhoods Program was set up after recognizing that a one-off annual cleanup event needed to be supplemented with ongoing programs with communities to build their capacity and access to collaborative networks using a strengths-based approach to community development. Our litter-free neighborhood programs start by engaging the community in a number of discussions about what they view as being the key issues in waste management in their area. The community priorities these issues and actions are decided accordingly. Regular cleanup activities - often undertaken on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis - is used as a catalyst to motivate inhabitants in the area to actively engage in the program. After commitment is evident in the community, further training on waste segregation and composting is provided. The community is also connected to stakeholders such as Clean up Nepal volunteers, relevant staff from the Environment department at the local municipality, community based organisations, non governmental organisations and groups. The Litter-free Neighborhoods Program will be carried out in cities where Clean up Nepal chapters exist - Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Chitwan and Pokhara.

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