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Green up Nepal is an initiative of Clean up Nepal. Through this program Clean up Nepal aims to plant 5,000 saplings by 2030 and make sure they grow to become trees. Clean up Nepal collaborates with various private and public organisations, youth groups, women's cooperatives and individuals to achieve the target of 10,000 trees. Green up Nepal started in 2016. Celebrating Earth Week in 2016, Clean up Nepal planted 270 trees in two different locations inside Kathmandu valley. The trees were planted in collaboration with different organizations and individuals. Green up Nepal is an initiative towards a greener society. It aims to engage individuals, various private and public organisations, youth groups, local bodies and various other stakeholders to help reduce carbon footprint in the environment by planting trees. This initiative targets to raise awareness among the stakeholders regarding their contribution to scale up the quantity of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and various ways they can help reduce it one of them being tree plantation. Through Green up Nepal we aim to develop accountability among stakeholders and raise awareness among the youth groups and others regarding the benefits of tree plantation. Green up Nepal in order to achieve its goals drives a wholesome program where the trees are planted in the communities and the local youth groups are mostly provided with the responsibility to take care and protect them. The local youth group is trained and properly guided throughout the program duration in order to make sure that the trees are well cared for and the goals are on track.

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