Clean up Nepal 2014 Nationwide Cleanup

Our nationwide cleanup is taking place again this year. It will be held in locations throughout Nepal on Saturday, 20 September 2014 from 7am to 11am.  Clean up Nepal 2014 is affiliated to the Clean up the World campaign that engages an estimated 35 million volunteers in 130 countries each year.  We extend an invitation to you and your organization to partner with us as a Clean up Nepal 2014 Partner to help us to spread the message about the campaign throughout Nepal and globally. We also invite you to actively participate in a cleanup in your neighborhood. Clean up Nepal’s nationwide cleanups are about communities taking a step to commence cleanup activities in their neighborhood that we anticipate will act as a catalyst for ongoing solid waste management activities.


Clean up Nepal 2014 Nationwide Cleanup aims to improve urban and rural environments in Nepal through community-based cleanup campaigns. At a macro level, the Clean up Nepal 2014 campaign aims to unite stakeholders involved in the environment sector and those concerned about the environment to work together in synergy to facilitate mass clean up events and community training aimed at addressing the problem of solid waste management throughout Nepal. At a micro level and in practical terms, the approach for Clean up Nepal 2014 is simple – get together friends and family, join or register a local site and participate in the nation-wide clean up events throughout 2014.

Clean up Nepal aims to inspire and empower local communities, community groups, educational institutions, businesses, and local governments throughout Nepal to join the clean up movement to address local environmental issues in a simple and visible way. The campaign is the first bilateral cooperation between Australian and Nepalese organisations to run a nationwide cleanup campaign that provides local communities a unified platform to take action to clean up streets, rivers, public places, and spaces in close proximity to their homes, work and entertainment. The campaign will bring together stakeholders to run annual cleanup activities with maximum efficiency and minimal funding. We believe that our joint visible, positive actions will influence and educate others in our communities and will provide inspiration to care for the environment.

So far we have received confirmation of participation by the following cities:

The Clean up Nepal – Bhaktapur chapter has confirmed their cleanup sites for Saturday’s Clean up Nepal 2014 Nationwide Cleanup Event to be held on 4 Asoj 2071 / 20 September 2014 from 7am to 11am. Cleanups will be carried out at 5 key locations.

Area 1: Brahmayani Temple Premises
Coordinator: Prabhat Rai 9841 042 440

Area 2: Ram Mandhir + Suryabinayak
Coordinator: Rosy Manandhar 9841 132 300

Area 3: Siddhapokhari + Bhajupokhari
Coordinator: Arun Sainju 9851 071 139

Area 4: Adarsha Area + Chupping Ghat
Coordinator : Suresh Kasula 9843 398 511

Area 5: Balkot
Coordinator: To be confirmed

For further information on any of these sites, please get in touch with:

Kyaron Dhoju on 9849 423 479
Santosh Pandey on 9806 786 647
Suman Khadka on 9851 161 078




The Clean up Nepal – Chitwan chapter has confirmed their cleanup site for Saturday’s Clean up Nepal 2014 Nationwide Cleanup Event to be held on 4 Asoj 2071 / 20 September 2014.Details are as follows:

Startpoint: Chaubiskoti, Bharatpur
End point: Pulchowk, Narayangarh, Chitwan
Date: 20 September 2014 (4 Asoj 2071)
Time: 7am – 10am

Sujan Dhakal on 9855 051 024
Birendra Poudel on 9845 045 329
Ishwora Dhungana on 9845 391 372

For further information, go to the facebook event page.

You may also wish to listen to an interview by Clean up Nepal – Chitwan’s Ishwora Dhungana and Birendra Poudel on the upcoming cleanup campaign



Keep Itahari Clean (KIC) along with Itahari Municipality Office and the Chamber of Commerce & Industry are jointly organizing a “10 000 Trees, 20 000 Hands” Cleaning and Greening Campaign on 20 September 2014 on the occasion of Clean up Nepal 2014.


KIC has a target to plant 10 000 trees including Neem (Indian Lilac), Bel (Bengal Quince), Kapur (Camphor), Amala (Indian Gooseberry) and Sami (Khejari/Jand) and others. Local residents of Itahari are being urged to plant trees on the street, open grounds, parks and river banks throughout the city. Members of KIC visited the Tol Bikas Sanstha, schools, colleges, temples and met with several people from different backgrounds living in all 9 wards. They found great enthusiasm among local people to green the city. All major political parties have committed their support to celebrate the day and work to make it a massive success.

The campaign will be organized in every corner of the city from Khorsane Khap in the north to Muslim Tol, Gaisar- Bhurki in the south of the Municipality. Keep Itahari Clean, the Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and the Itahari Municipality have published information brochures on the tree plantation. Itahari Municipality has sent out letters to all organizations and people to participate in the campaign. PABSON (Private and Boarding School’s Organisation) Sunsari has also published informative leaflets on tree plantation to distribute among school students. The Tol Bikas Sanstha and other organizations have sent request letters with the number of trees they are planning to plant in their locality to the Municipality, upon which the Municipality has organized to provide tree plants and also urged locals to take care of them after plantation.

A press meet was organized on 18 September 2014 to spread the message of the campaign. Local FM stations, TV channels, newspapers have been supporting the campaign for publicity.

For more information on how you can get involved, please visit the Keep Itahari Clean facebook page.



We are pleased to announce that the Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office (KMC) has confirmed that it will be activating neighborhood clean-ups in all 35 wards of the city in close coordination with Clean up Nepal – Kathmandu through active local promotion such as miking and pamphlets distributions, provision of required cleaning resources and logistics, and management of the waste collected after the neighborhood clean-up activities.

KMC has sent letters to all ward offices. 10 staff from the Environment Division have been assigned to support the ward offices in their efforts to ensure clean-ups get underway at each of the 35 wards in Kathmandu.One Clean up Nepal Site Coordinator has been allocated to each ward and they are in constant communication with the head of each ward committee.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (17, 18 and 19 September), miking and distribution of pamphlets will take place in each Kathmandu ward.Friday 19 September 2014 at 12noon, a pre-event press meet will be held at the Reporters club in Putalisadak, Kathmandu.Saturday, 20 September 2014 at 3pm, a post-event press meet will be held at the Reporters Club in Putalisadak, Kathmandu.

Saturday 20 September 2014 at 10 am. The clean-up post event program has been confirmed at Kalmochan by the banks of the Bagmati River. We have received confirmation that the following individuals will be attending the clean up post event program:

Leela Mani Paudel (Chief Secretary)Glenn White (Australian Ambassador)Dhan Bahadur Shrestha (Chief and Executive Officer, Kathmandu Metropolitan City)Hari Bahadur Kunwar (Head, Environment Administration Division, Kathmandu Metropolitan City) and Clean up Nepal representatives

After a series of meetings and coordination between Clean up Nepal and the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, details have been confirmed of key contacts for each of the 35 wards.

Not sure where to clean-up in Kathmandu tomorrow? The starting point will the ward office. If you are still unsure, get in touch with your ward office or ask our Clean up Nepal Site Coordinator/Volunteer.

The clean-up starts at 7am and ends at 10am.


Kathmandu, make sure you get your gloves and masks on this Saturday and join thousands of others to come out and clean in and around where you live. These neighbourhood clean-ups are a wonderful way of initiating conversation with your neighbourhood about how waste can be managed better in your area. Please keep an eye on our Kathmandu facebook event page for further details.


Panauti has finalised its location for the cleanup today at 7am. The cleanup will take place at Panauti Dabali, Gaa: Hiti. For further information, please get in touch with Hamro Panauti.


Pokhara joins in the nationwide cleanup event through clean-ups at five locations led by Aama Samuha’s – Janapad, Jagat Janani, Shivashakti, Margadarshan and Bhanumarga. The groups will clean-up at pre-determined routes and end up all together at Sayapatri Chowk.

The Pokhara team have supplied a map of the event. The clean-up will start at 7am and will continue till 11am.

Let’s GO Pokhara! Pokhara

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