Clean up Nepal 2013 Nationwide Cleanup

Clean up Nepal 2013 was the first ever nationally coordinated clean up campaign, which saw Nepalese people of all ages across the nation working together at the same time as part of and in affiliation with the Clean up The World weekend. The Clean up The World campaign is the largest cleanup campaign in the world attracting over 40 million volunteers across 135 countries.

The campaign in Nepal took place on Saturday, 21 September 2013 between 7 am and 11 am nationwide. It provided a unified platform for communities to take action to clean up streets, rivers and spaces near their homes, work and play areas. The campaign mobilized individuals, groups, organisations in the private and public sector and communities in Nepal to improve their immediate environment through positive action and increased awareness towards improved health and well-being.


Clean up Nepal 2013 was launched successfully at 45 locations in 20 cities, in collaboration with 12 national partners, 120 local partners and municipalities. 15,430 volunteers participated in the campaign, collecting 84, 564.5 kilograms of waste for proper disposal. Cleanup activities were carried out around city streets, rivers and public spaces. Individuals, civil society and community based organizations, NGOs, diplomatic mission, private sector and the Government of Nepal actively mobilized their networks to keep their communities clean and livable.

The Clean up Nepal campaign was inspired and initiated by Dr Neelam Pradhananga, a Nepalese national based in Sydney, Australia. A Clean up Nepal Unit consisting of members of Sydney-based not-for-profit Small Earth Australia and Kathmandu based NGO, The Small Earth Nepal coordinated the nationwide campaign in 2013. The enthusiasm and determination with which communities throughout the country lent a hand in cleaning up Nepal has propelled Clean up Nepal to launch several community-oriented initiatives including the Litter-free Neighborhood Program.

Annual Nationwide Cleanup Event

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