Thirty-six schools across 12 districts of Nepal participated in Nationwide Cleanup and Poster Competition for Schools.

The award ceremony was held at the New Star Pole School, Kagshwori- Manohara Municipality. His Excellency Mr. Peter Budd, the Australian Ambassador to Nepal and Mr. Krishan Hari Thapa, Mayor of Kageshwori Manchaca awarded the winning schools. We will also like to thank Doko Recyclers for showcasing the new home composting and launching the product on this day.

As a part of the competition, all the participating schools organized sustainable cleanups and community awareness campaigns to highlight waste burning and illegal dumping as harmful and life-threatening practices. They translated their cleanup efforts into creative posters that displayed best practices and solutions in waste management at the community level. Schools were engaged in waste reduction, segregation and recycling activities, which brought a sense of responsibility among the students and made them realize how their little efforts to keep their surroundings clean and to educate their communities can bring a huge change in the country. Approximately, 7519 students, staff, teachers and people from over 30 local groups cleaned their school surroundings and communities. The New Star Pole School from Kageshwori Manohara and Shristi School from Kathmandu have been declared as the winner and runners up of the competition respectively. The schools collectively received Rs.65, 000 worth of library resources and waste segregation bins.


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