Clean up Nepal team visited Children’s Home established by PA Nepal (Prisoners Assistance Nepal)-a grass root organization that seeks to meet the basic needs of prisoners and their families and advocate for them. PA Nepal’s Home at Sankhu provides care and support to 103 children aged 5 to 18.
Clean up Nepal conducted hand washing training with three key messages – how germs travel, when should hands be washed and how do we wash our hands. Our team trained 80 children in four different groups. We interacted with the children, played games and quizzes. We were delighted to see the enthusiasm of children to learn, their active participation and their keen interest in knowing about different types of germs that causes different diseases. At the end of program, we provided a set of soap and towel to every child there. We would like to thank Joy Foundation Nepal for their support with soaps and towels.
This awareness program is a part of Global Hand washing Month with the theme “Make Hand washing a Habit!”


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