Training to make up cycled products at Thankot-7

Clean up Nepal will commence a ten day training to train 12-15 women to make up cycled products at Thankot, ward number 7 from Wednesday, 24 February 2016. It is an initiative to manage dry waste and support and empower women of peri-urban settlements to teach them skills to turn waste materials into useful products and earn a supplementary income.

This training will be conducted by experienced trainer-Sarita Joshi Bajracharya, winner of Positive Planet Award 2015, with the support of “Clean up Thankot” core committee and sub-committees. It is the first training among the three such, planned for whole Thankot village.

This training is a part of Clean up Nepal’s Litter-free Neighborhood Program at Thankot and is generously funded by US Embassy in Kathmandu.

For further information on the Litter-free Neighbourhood Program, please contact Jyotir Nisha at [email protected].

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Last Updated: February 22, 2016

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