Date: 22 November 2016
Clean up Nepal in collaboration with young volunteers of Amics del Nepal performed a drama on waste management at Shree Mahendra Boudha Higher Secondary School, targeting all the students of the school. The drama was half an hour long and showcased various issues related to waste management like littering, illegal dumping and open waste burning practices and how these issues can be addressed through waste segregation at source, selling the recyclables and making upcycled products. The drama team also mentioned about the impacts of poorly managed waste practices on health and environment and had fun components like “Kucho army” and “Kucho dance “ to convey these messages.
Clean up Nepal would like to thank all the members of Amics del Nepal drama team for their time and effort and Cleanup Boudha team for identifying the need of this drama at this particular school and also for coordinating with the school administration. Special thanks to the guests of our event, runners of Impact Marathon Series Nepal for spending a day with us.
Program: No Waste Burning Campaign
Date: November 21, 2016
We pledge not to burn waste. With this we officially start our campaign against waste burning. According to a research done by Jaya Rathne et al., Open waste burning has been identified as most potent cause of air pollution.
Similarly, as per Nepal Health Research Centre, 9/50 deaths in the city is attributed to air pollution.
Let us all realize the alarming situation, our city has been facing due to waste burning which is not just a huge threat to environment but also human beings and bio-diversity.
Let us all join hands to stop waste burning altogether.
Event: Planet Nepal
Date: 18-19 November, 2016
The festival of environment and arts jointly organized by Alliance Francaise and French Embassy in Nepal – Ambassade de France au Nepal was a huge success. Various issues such as illegal hunting, poaching, biodiversity conservation and environmental issues were addressed by several stakeholders which engaged youth groups, community groups, community leaders, environment activists, students, researchers, foreigners and local people.
We would like to thank Australian Embassy for introducing this great opportunity to connect and aware people regarding environment issues.
Clean up Nepal had set up a stall showcasing the upcycled products made out of plastic and glass and put up posters addressing the issues such as waste burning and waste management with an aim to show the urgency of the waste management issues. We, along with several individuals who visited our stall, pledged not to burn waste.
On the first day of the festival, young volunteers from Amics del Nepal in collaboration with Clean up Nepal also performed an awareness raising drama about issues showcasing waste practices in Kathmandu and its harmful impacts and presented the ideal scenario of waste practices.


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