Data and stories it can tell: strengthening the Air Quality Narratives

News:Clean up Nepal in collaboration with Air South Asia is organizing a workshop titled “Data and the Stories it can tell: Strengthening the Air Quality Narrative in Nepal” from August 13-15, 2018 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

A total of 45 participants will be invited and will include early career researchers, journalists, and members of non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, and artists from Nepal. The workshop aims to grow demand for open data, fulfill critical gaps in local capacity, and encourage collaboration among different stakeholders on air pollution in Nepal.

The deadline for application submission is July 24, 2018. There is no registration fees for the workshop.

Travel Bursaries

Limited travel bursaries are also available for five candidates from outside the Kathmandu Valley. Once you complete the application form, please also send us your name, email address, phone number, a short bio (200 words), and a short statement explaining why you need the travel support (300 words) to apply for the travel bursary.

Event 4: An exciting three-day workshop for environment journalists, researchers, students and individuals from civil society and government organizations. Let us use the power of data to combat air pollution in Nepal. The day 1 of “Data and Stories: Strengthening the Air Quality Narrative in Nepal” event focused on showcasing some remarkable initiatives in the field of air pollution and #Data4Development. The afternoon session highlighted awe-inspiring efforts in data visualization, GIS Mapping, and use of social media to publish datasets to enable civil society actors for collective action.


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