With the support of South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics – Sandee and Hello Bharatpur Metropolitan City Office, Clean up Nepal facilitated sensitization workshops in 75 TLOs and installed about 1400 waste bins as a part of “Improving Waste Management at Bharatpur Metropolitan City” program.

Clean up Nepal will further begin mapping waste management systems in Bharatpur with the cooperation of Private waste management organizations and the Ward officials. This will ensure there is enough data for planning, decision making, and collaboration which is necessary for improved public services. Nepal Waste Map, a waste management tool, will be provided to ensure public participation, communication and an improved waste management system.

Clean up Nepal presented its ongoing work at a recent event in Bharatpur Metropolitan City (BMC), organized by South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics – Sandee. BMC Deputy Mayor, Ward Chairmen, Environment Department and Private waste organizations’ officials were present to provide valuable inputs and suggestions.

Clean up Nepal conducted a Training of Trainers (TOT), in order to facilitate the Sensitization Workshop on Waste Management at 75 Tole Lane Organization (TLOs) and Private Sector Operators (PSO) within Bharatpur Metropolitan City from 17 -24 December. The key purpose of the Sensitization Workshop was to ensure the community is aware of waste related issues in Bharatpur and their role in minimizing it.

A 70 years plus TLO participant finished the juice offered during the program and kept it in the given reusable bag. When appreciated for his act, he mentioned, “I never realized that littering was a major issue. Had I known it earlier, I wouldn’t have practiced it all these years”. Many, yet aren’t aware of the consequences to the environment lead by their acts. The program ensured familiarizing 1500 plus locals of Bharatpur to the appropriate waste management practices.

This sensitization program is part of “Improving Waste Management at Bharatpur Metropolitan City” program in partnership with Bharatpur Metropolitan City office; funded by SANDEE – ICIMOD.


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