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‘Clean up Nepal attracts transformation leaders. We engage with individuals, communities and organisations underpinned by an understanding of the benefits of improved solid waste management to the health and well-being of communities throughout Nepal.

We celebrate diversity. We work with visionaries. We attract skilled individuals who can add to our global pool of talent. We believe in the power of working together.

Clean up Nepal is a thought leader. We understand the benefits of cultivating greater awareness amongst communities, working together with students and youth, and connecting with stakeholders who have the knowledge and experience.

‘Clean up Nepal is all about its people, connecting with each other to achieve shared goals’.
— Dr Neelam Pradhananga, Clean up Nepal Founder

Clean up Nepal’s people are the heart and soul of the organisation. Our people bring a diverse set of skills and experience as well as  share an unwavering passion for creating change through community mobilisation and active engagement with stakeholders.

Our people include the Board, Staff, Members, Organisers and Volunteers.

We are leaders in bottom-up solid waste management and also leaders in our respective fields including community development, education, marketing, communications, partnerships and fundraising.

We learn together, work together and have fun together – inspiring collective action.


  • Advisory Board

    OJASWI KAFLE    |   COMMUNICATIONS Since her childhood, Ojaswi has been passionate about environmental stewardship. She has been involved in various types of environmental […]

  • Strategic Supporters

    DAVID GELLNER David Gellner, Professor of Social Anthropology and a Fellow of All Souls College in the University of Oxford, has been visiting Nepal regularly […]

  • Executive Board

    The Board manages the business of Clean up Nepal and is responsible for the organisation’s overarching strategic direction while ensuring that appropriate governance, risk management and compliance systems are in place.

  • Staff

    Clean up Nepal is run primarily by volunteers but we do occasionally hire staff for major events such as the Clean up Nepal Nationwide Cleanup Events.

  • Members

    Some Clean up Nepal members choose to get actively involved in events and volunteering. For others, it is about being part of something bigger and knowing you are contributing to the change we want to see in Nepal.

  • Organizers

    Clean up Nepal Organizers lead the planning, design and development of events in their localities such as community cleanups, trainings and workshops, film screenings and other awareness raising events.

  • Volunteers

    Clean up Nepal volunteers are an incredible group of people. Not only do they give their precious time to help us with our goal of a cleaner and greener Nepal, but they also form the backbone of our organisation.

Last Updated: September 15, 2014

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