Clean up Nepal’s Nepal chapter operates out of Kathmandu with active chapters throughout Nepal and affiliates in countries around the world. The Kathmandu office coordinates and supervises overall programs and projects in Nepal. It consists of a small group of committed and dedicated volunteers with occasional program staff. The chapters outside Kathmandu and in countries around the world are run by a team of volunteers who believe in improved solid waste management throughout Nepal.

Clean up Nepal is legally registered as a non-governmental organisation at the District Administration Office. It is affiliated with the Social Welfare Council and has obtained a Permanent Account Number (PAN) from the Inland Revenue Department in the same year.

Clean up Nepal’s governance structure is regulated by a Constitution and a set of policies enacted by the Executive Board. The Constitution is enacted and changed by the membership of Clean up Nepal, while policies are managed and altered as needed by the Clean up Nepal Board.

Clean up Nepal’s business is managed by the Clean up Nepal Board, who monitors and safeguards the organisation so that it continues to achieve its mission, aims and objectives. The Board is responsible for the organisation’s overarching strategic direction and for ensuring that appropriate governance, risk management and compliance systems are in place.

The Board has also developed a Charter to assist in explaining its role and relationship with Clean up Nepal stakeholders including the Clean up Nepal Chapters, members, partners and the Clean up Nepal communities.

Last Updated: September 13, 2014

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