Promoting Upcycled Products at Christmas Bazaar | 14 December

As an alternative to the illegal dumping and open burning of plastic waste (a major concern with winter coming in), Clean up Nepal’s Upcycling Program aims to turn plastic waste into goods of value for women. This initiative supports and empowers women in rural communities to earn money and contribute towards their family income using the upcycling training they received from Clean up Nepal.

To help the women bring their goods to market, Clean up Nepal participated in The British School’s Christmas Bazaar yesterday. Our stall had baskets, purses, pen holders, key chains, tea mats, table mats, and other decorative products upcycled from plastic and made by the women of our Upcycling Program. Thank you, The British School, for inviting us. It was a great start on our collaboration to run awareness workshops for students, staff and teachers at the school in the following months.

For further details, please contact Jyotir Nisha at or at +977 01 4428633.

For more photos, please click here.


Last Updated: December 31, 2016

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