Follow up of Waste Segregation at Koteswore | 8 August 2017

Clean up Nepal volunteers visited 500 households to ensure household waste segregation was taking place. The volunteers visited the homes at the same time when Waste Concern Pvt. Ltd collected inorganic waste from project households at Buddhanagar and Suryakot of Koteshwor. This is the first follow-up for this project and the findings are satisfactory.

In Buddhanagar, most of the inspected houses had segregated their waste properly whereas, in Suryakot, many houses did not practice it well. In such cases, our volunteers requested households to segregate well from the next time and also refused to pick up waste that has not been segregated. This follow-up was done after a training on waste segregation was conducted on 8 August 2017 for members of the community with an aim to build the capacity of locals to segregate waste at source. Waste Concern Pvt. Ltd also started collecting segregated waste on separate days after the training in the project location, i.e. organic waste twice a week and inorganic waste once a week.

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Last Updated: August 15, 2017

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