Clean up Nepal’s up-cycling training is a ten-day training (3 hours/day) designed to train a group of 10-15 women/girls to make up-cycled products. During these ten days, the trainees learn to knit up-cycled products like body scrubbers, purses, phone bags, bottle bags, pen holders, hat key chains, tea mats, table mats, baskets, decorative items and such. All the materials required to knit are provided to the trainees by Clean up Nepal.

“People in my locality have stopped throwing waste in the river; they come to us to either give me their plastic waste, or to ask us to knit for them with the willingness to pay for it.” – Urmill Gopali, Thankot

“Sometimes I feel like picking up plastic waste on roads after I joined this training and realized how beautiful products can be made out of it”– Radhika Karki, Maijubahal

Our trainer is Urmila Gopali and we have planned to give a total of 20 such training, among which two have been successfully completed and another two are currently in the pipeline. This training program is a part of Clean up Nepal’s Up-cycling Program and is generously funded by NERA. The training is free for all participants.

Interested individuals can form a group of 10-15 and contact us, or if you are an individual or a small group, you can also join a new group. In such cases, the training will be held at a community space with a large number of participants. If you have a group in mind for which you think this training could be useful, then you may also recommend them to us.

For further information on this up-cycling program, please contact Jyotir Nisha at jyotir.nisha@cleanupnepal.org.np.

Last Updated: June 3, 2016

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