Nepal Government: We want a better Tudikhel!

Tudikhel is one of the largest open spaces in the heart of Kathmandu. It is important not only because of its history but also because of its use by multiple groups throughout the year, and at different times of the week and day.


The biggest human flag was set up at Tudikhel on 23 August 2014 | Source:

Yet Tudikhel is being neglected and the opportunity to create a park that is welcoming to all is being lost. Tudikhel could be to Kathmandu what Central Park is to New York. It could be what Hyde Park is to Sydney.

Today, Tudikhel is a dust bowl– barren and scattered with litter. We must change this.

We want Tudikhel to be a space for interaction and inspiration. We ask you, Nepal government, to support us with the following:

1.  A hand-on anti-littering campaign that we have begun each Saturday on 07 March 2015;

2.  Well-designed and sufficient numbers of public waste bins placed throughout Tudikhel, AND the waste from these bins to collected on a timely manner;

3.  Park benches for Tudikhel users;

4.  More trees and greenery to screen Tudikhel’s periphery from the traffic noise and dust; and

5.  Well-managed public toilets.

We need your commitment. We can then rally support from the private sector, and Nepali citizens located in Nepal and globally. We are ready to join hands with you but first we need you to join us at the table.


If you want our Nepalese government to support us with the above, sign this petition today and share it with your friends and family. We are aiming to get 10 000 signatures!



Reasons for signing

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JarredkiOctober 8, 2015

Niranjan ShresthaApril 4, 2015

tudikhel is our heritage….

SHRISTIMarch 31, 2015

this is only he open space found in ktm, we have to preserve n protect it.

kyaron dhojuMarch 30, 2015

Lets make Tundikhel a trash free zone with more trees plantation so that it becomes a social hub where people can relax, walk, jogg, run, play in a green and fresh environment.

Parbati PandeyMarch 29, 2015

Tudikhel needs transformation and we need a cleaner,greener and healthier Tudikhel. I want Nepal government to act for its betterment and not neglect its charm and importance.

Rija JoshiMarch 27, 2015

Open space like tudikhel is rare to find in core cities. We are blessed to have one. We should preserve it.

Raj PrasaiMarch 25, 2015

A central park-Tundikhel. Awesome work. Well managed public toilets would be great.

Prashanta KhanalMarch 25, 2015

Lets make it more cleaner, greener and vibrant… unlike malls, public spaces are for all!

dipendraMarch 24, 2015

we hv to preserve it

कमल श्रेस्ठMarch 23, 2015

टुडिखेल काठमान्डु को गहना थियो । अहिले पनि यो यौटै मात्र खुला मैदान काठमाडौं र याहाका बासिन्दाको लागि बाकी छ। र यो भाबी पुस्ताले पनि देख्न र अनुभव गर्नु पर्छ। अब्स्यपनी हालको अबस्थालाइ समय को माग अनुसार परिमार्जित गर्दै लानु आबस्तक छ। काठमाडौ को गहना तब हुन्छ जब त्य्हाहा गयर physically अनुभव गर्न पाइयोस । हरियो पार्क मात्र होइन जंगल बन्नु पर्छ। याहा कन्कृट ठडिन दिनु हुन्न।

Kamal ShresthaMarch 22, 2015

my full support with everyone fighting for good cause.

Partha ParajuliMarch 22, 2015

Also consider how to maintain turf to lush green. It’s overuse can not let time for lawn repair. I would like see lush green lawn in the heart of city and not overused by cricket players and army parade. Nepal Army has swallowed southern part of Tundikhel for its club and party palace. This was a sad decision by the Government of Nepal that time.
Let us save the remaining part of Tundikhel from becoming dusty and dirty playground but a place to enjoy!

Sunil ThapaMarch 22, 2015

thrash free tudikhel as hundred of numbers of people visit tudikhel daily for various purpose. Government need to assure the safety of public in all way!

Gitendra PradhanangaMarch 21, 2015

Let’s do this!

Manisha ShilpakarMarch 20, 2015

I love and care about my city, isnt that enough reason for everyone to start this change…..

AbhishekMarch 20, 2015

clean this shit up..

Sharma S.March 20, 2015

Let’s do it. It’s long time coming. If not now, then when. If not us, then who. I am glad our generation has stepped up to preserve this beautiful ground. We are with you. Let’s convince the government officials, and sponsors. Let’s educate people. Let’s start the campaign. Let’s make this dream come true.

Ganesh sapkotaMarch 20, 2015

Yeah, We are with you. We should act now.. 🙂

Biju ShakyaMarch 20, 2015

Good Job…Well done!! Keep the good work up,,,

Sophia Nithya SarvavidyaMarch 20, 2015

As a yearly visitor to Kathmandu, I have seen such a difference at Tudikhel when it is clean and pleasant-smelling. There are many community projects that can be promoted to beautify this space. The whole city is enriched when Tudikhel forms the center of urban elegance and beauty.

Sushmita Ranjit ShresthaMarch 20, 2015

It is the lungs for the city to breadth! We have to plant more TREES and make NO LITTER at all.

Anju Malla PradhanMarch 20, 2015

Tundikhel has helped add vibrancy to the life of the valley denizens living in the cramped alleys of the old city core…and many more….we need to be responsible towards maintaining it…it should be blooming with colors in the spring and green throughout…whats possible should not be restricted to words and high flying workshops and conferences…IT SHOULD BE IMPLEMENTED…what better way that through contribution of the users themselves.

Ram PatelMarch 20, 2015

Agro-based Industries , Tourism Industry and Hydro Industries are definitely the potential industry of Nepal however ,The only one industry of Nepal which can be established without a big amount of Investment is the Tourism Industry . And Green , Clean , Zero Waste environment is a must to attract the tourists in Nepal .We all know that Every tourists enter in Nepal ,they all enter through Kathmandu and they all pass through Tudikhel on the way to Thamel and we all can agree that the current environment situation of Tudikhel only can distract the tourists in stead of attracting .So Trash- Free ,Clean and Green with Zero Waste Tudikhel will not only attract International Tourists but also it attracts domestic tourists if developed like a Central Green Park .Due to these reasons and many other reasons ,we ,the whole team of SAN Nepal -( , ) add our Petition together with team of Neelam ( Clean UP NEPAL ) for TRASH FREE TUDIKHEL

Swati PujariMarch 20, 2015

Spaces like Tudikhel are rare in Kathmandu, it is a space with the potential to effect daily urban lives as well as serve in cases of disaster. Tudikhel should be accessible to all, we have to commit to make Tudikhel a vibrant part of the city life of Kathmandu.

Vikrant MathemaMarch 20, 2015

It’s about time for Government to provide clean green parks for recreational activities in Kathmandu.

Sanju GautamMarch 20, 2015

its just initiation! we will soon sparkle Nepal ! what we need is everyone coordination and support

Saurav Thapa ShresthaMarch 20, 2015

It’s a great initiation done by Clean Up Nepal. I personally support this cleanliness campaign with the long term sustainable vision of establishing it as a clean and green park. Lets’ unite everyone for this good work 🙂

Gitanjali PradhanangaMarch 20, 2015

Go Neelam and the Clean up Nepal!

Amod KarmacharyaMarch 20, 2015

I envision a park where people can engage in healthy activities without having to constantly see litter all around them. It would be great to see educated citizens who do not litter haphazardly. Tudikhel could become an example of a public space where behavioral change has taken place.

Neelam PradhanangaMarch 20, 2015

I believe that Tudikhel can truly become a central place in Kathmandu for interaction and inspiration. The #TrashfreeTudikhel campaign is just the beginning.

We need your support to help make Tudikhel a lively, dynamic, safe, accessible and vibrant park.

Let’s start a conversation on how we can achieve this at:

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