Awareness Raising Training on Waste Segregation and Waste Burning at Thankot

Clean up Nepal is organizing twenty interactive workshops at Thankot from 08 February 2016 to 13 February 2016 and plans to train 800-1000 individuals. The workshops will consist of awareness raising components on “Poorly Managed Waste and its Impact on our Health and Environment”, “The Impact of Waste Burning”, and “Waste Segregation: Why and How?”. These workshops will be coordinated and provided by Clean up Nepal with the support of the core ‘Clean up Thankot’ committee and subcommittees. These committees have been formed recently to coordinate Clean up Nepal’s planned waste management and behavioral change initiatives at Thankot, for which a number of community engagement sessions were undertaken. The committees consist of representatives from various local organizations and political parties at both central and ward levels. Clean up Nepal will also distribute pamphlets on waste segregation and waste burning to the participants, and place awareness raising laminated posters on waste segregation at various locations in Thankot.


These workshops are part of Clean up Nepal’s Litter-free Neighborhood Program at Thankot and are generously funded by the US Embassy in Kathmandu. The schedule for these workshops at 9 wards of Thankot VDC (now wards 5, 6 and 7 of Chandragiri Municipality) is as follows:

Date Day/ Time 10 am-12 pm 12 pm- 2 pm 2 pm- 4 pm
08 Feb, 2016

(25 Magh, 2072)

Monday Panighat (Ward 1) Chundevi  School (Ward 1) Godam  (Ward 1)


09 Feb, 2016

(26 Magh, 2072)



Sajhaghar (Ward 6)


Sajhaghar ( Ward 7)


Mahalaxmi Temple (Ward 5)
10 Feb, 2016

(27 Magh, 2072)



Kotghar (Ward 1)


Kotghar (Ward 1)


Tekanpur (Ward 9)
11 Feb, 2016

(28 Magh, 2072)



Silaphal (Ward 9)


LAB (Ward 6)


Totitol (Ward 8)


 12 Feb, 2016

(29 Magh, 2072)

Friday Kharibot (Ward 8)  Imakhel  (Ward 8)  
 13 Feb, 2016

(1 Falgun, 2072)



Maatikhel (Ward 2)


Ganeshthan (Ward 8)  

For further information on the Litter-free Neighborhood Program, please contact Jyotir Nisha at

Last Updated: February 5, 2016

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